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ILS Task Force

Task Force

Statement of Purpose

For over 15 years, OPAL has depended upon the Innovative ILS system to run its member libraries. At this time the EC believes it is prudent to investigate products from other vendors as well as determine if OPAL is utilizing III’s Sierra software to its fullest extent.

To achieve this, we charge the ILS Task Force to assess OPAL needs and requirements for an ILS. The Task Force should evaluate ILS products from Ex Libris, OCLC, III and any other company that they believe has a viable product available. We ask that the Task Force address these areas of concern:

  • Identify the needs and challenges of “consortium within a consortium” and see how vendors would be able to meet those needs
  • Determine if any ILS can support the expansion of OPAL membership beyond the current 25 members   

We advise the ILS TF to meet with project managers from these companies instead of sales representatives. We caution the Task Force that we are able to work directly with these companies only until OhioLINK issues an RFP. Once OhioLINK begins that process we must work through them.

Findings were submitted to the EC at their February 2016 meeting, which concluded the work of the Task Force.


  • Brian Hickam
  • Deb Johnson    
  • Fran Fleet
  • Heidi Beke-Harrigan
  • Julie McDaniel
  • Matt Polcyn
  • Tiffany Lipstreu