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Collaboration Task Force

Task Force

Statement of Purpose

The Strategic Plan Collaboration Task Force is directed to:

  • Evaluate OPAL’s relationship with OhioLink.
  • Schedule meetings with OhioLink leadership to address OPAL’s concerns
  • Assess OPAL’s current relationship with OHIONET to insure that OPAL is fully utilizing the resources offered by OhioNet.
  • Include OhioNet staff in OPAL Directors Council meeting
  • List OhioNet staff and their areas of expertise on the OPAL website
  • Identify and evaluate existing OPAL partnerships in the areas of technology, service, and content.
  • Identify and assess other regional consortia and associations for potential membership in an expanded OPAL consortium.
  • Market OPAL concept to other private academic libraries.
  • Investigate ways to market the OPAL concept to member library patrons and administration

Each of these points is discussed in further detail beginning on page three of the final report. The task force concluded its work in 2015.


  • Fran Fleet
  • Mary Jean Johnson
  • Sheila Ellenberger
  • Steven Shaw
  • Matt Polcyn