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OPAL Alma/Ex Libris Migration

Resources and information to help OPAL libraries with the ILS migration to Alma


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Current Tasks

Vanguard Phase and Migration Preparation:
January 2024 to June 2024


May Updates and Action Items

  • The next OPAL ILS Migration Conversation will be on June 21 at 2 pm.

  • Regular be-weekly update and Q.& A. meetings for OPAL Migration Project Leads will be held on Friday mornings at 10 am, starting on May 31. Drop in as you are able. 

  • Migration forms have been sent to everyone for review and the drafts will be submitted to ExLibris on May 10. Please send Heid and Matt any changes or questions. We will prepare and submit the P2E data.  

  • Consider filling out the eResources Activation form only if you have fewer than 20 opt-ins and local subscriptions or want to test out the process by selecting a representative sample of your holdings. We're still waiting for the "by titles" feature in the form to be fixed. This is no longer due on May 24 if you do plan on submitting. 


April Updates and Action Items

  • At this time, we don’t recommend making the transition to the new EBSCO EDS unless you feel strongly that there is a benefit to your users and you have the capacity to make the necessary configuration and linking changes.

  • The OhioNet Team is currently verifying data and filling out the initial draft migration forms. Once that is done, we will send the forms to you for review and schedule a time to go over details and make any changes before we submit them to ExLibris. The next OPAL ILS Migration Conversation on Friday, April 19 will focus on this process. Project Leads please plan to attend.

  • You can continue to work on cleanup such as removing expired patrons, missing/lost items, old order records, etc. We ask that you NOT add/change (except to adjust label names) any Locations or PTYPES for the time being. 

March 2024 Tasks for Everyone

 Identify and fix on-the-fly records

 Address missing and lost items

 Review outstanding fees and fines

 Check for and delete old order records

 Clean up any of your patrons in the duplicate patron report

 Identify unused patron types

 Any applicable to-do items from the general list below

Note: There's no need to worry about the cleanup list on the OhioLINK InfoHub page. We will either take care of any relevant items or reach out to libraries to coordinate any actions that are needed.


February 2024 Tasks for Everyone

Review and fix any suppressed items on unsuppressed bib records, including special collections (can skip serial records).

Identify and cleanup expired and unused course reserve records (even if this function isn't used currently - it may have been in the past). We have scheduled office hours on February 2 & 5 if you'd like help with this.

 Review and fix or delete expired patron records. Let us know if you need us to run the list for you.

Keep up with the various monthly maintenance reports.


General Preparation

  • Attend OPAL Migration Conversations or listen to the recordings.
  • Additional Sierra & EDS cleanup (details under "Data Cleanup").
  • Familiarize yourself with Alma and Primo - links under Data Cleanup connect you to training resources, documentation, and essentials.
  • Which Sierra functions do you currently use? For example, the acquisitions module. Do you want to continue using?
  • Review your procedures, policies & practices. What are you doing and why? What do you need going forward?
  • How do you handle fiscal close and when?
  • Do you use more then one call number scheme? For example LC but fiction is handled differently.
  • Think about items you circulate and identify commonalities. Can you consolidate or reduce exceptions?
  • Make a note of locations you no longer use or want to drop going forward.


The answers to these questions will be needed in the summer when we fill out the profiling information for Ex Libris. No need to send anything to us now, but we recommend you start making notes. 

Main Migration Phase: June 2024 to July 2025

Post-Migration Phase: 2025 Onward