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Reports & Statistics

Circulation, usage, and other reports.


There are several reports available to the members of the Ohio Private Academic Libraries, some of which report on circulation through OPAL's Innovative ILS (and OhioLINK), and others that report more on the usage of e-resources. Below is a list of the more common reports and statistics, along with their descriptions. If a more complicated report needs to be gathered, or if one of the following does not answer a specific inquiry, please send a request to OPALHelp.


Detail sheets with collection and usage data for the ACRL and IPEDS reports are provided to each library in late December/early January. Historical data can be found in the OPAL Repository (statistics archives linked to the right).

Circulation Reports

Circulation Activity Reports

The "new" reports that include downloadable spreadsheets. Only includes circulation activity and crosstabs. Note that Checkout column in Circulation Activity reports does not include renewals.

Web Management Reports

Includes circulation activity, cross-tabs, and other collection usage reports.

OhioLINK PCIRC Statistics

Includes reports for Patron Requests, Fulfillments, Cancellations, and Transfers. Data is available from the beginning of 1994 for Requests and the beginning of 1997 for the others. Requires an OSTAFF password. If you do not have one, request one through

Electronic Resource Usage Reports

EBSCO Academic eBook Collection

Displays breakdown of total uses and most used titles, subjects, and publishers. Total uses include views, downloads, emails, or prints of a title. Updated monthly. Additional information can be found in the eBook Subscription Report in EBSCOAdmin.

Google Analytics

Provides some usage and behavioral insights into the OPAL catalog, EBSCO databases, and EBSCO EDS. Members will need a Google Account (i.e. Gmail or similar) in order to view these statistics. Contact OPALHelp if you need assistance.

Off-Campus Proxy

Each library has an instance of AWSTATS, which interprets and displays information based on web (server) logs from the proxy server. These logs include information on the number of visitors, unique visitors, duration, day of week, browsers, and more. These logs do not include on-campus usage.


Google Analytics

To retrieve statistics within CONTENTdm, you have to go into each collection and then into each month to gather more than a single month’s data.

Google Analytics provides additional options where you can use the date picker and other built-in tools to view date ranges in a single step. If you have a Google account, either a personal one or a work-related account, and would like access to the CONTENTdm analytics, contact Matt Polcyn to be added. 

Items in the OPAL Repository