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Website Revision COI

Community of Interest

July 24 - 30

  • Several sentence-level fixes from proof readers
  • Added User Services COI's guidelines
  • Added email addresses to EC & DC guide rosters

July 18-22

  • Government Documents documents loaded
  • Fixed "Inactive COIs" widget
  • Acquisitions documents loaded
  • User Services guide complete
  • User Services documents loaded
  • Circulation Manual complete
  • Weeding [Helper] guide complete
  • Directory complete

July 11-15

  • Created User Services guide
  • Migrated Locally Subscribed E-Resources
  • Circulation Manual 90% complete
  • Added Weeding guide
  • Footer has been revised
  • Emergency contact information added
  • Support information added
  • Patron load information added
  • Directory placeholder created
  • Email lists and instructions added

July 3-9

  • Corrected Digitization guide
  • Added logo, summary, and links for Urbana University
  • Added logo, summary, and links for Wilberforce
  • Added logo, summary, and links for Malone

June 12-18

  • Added logo, summary, links for MTSO
  • Added logo, summary, links for Otterbein
  • Added logo, summary, links for University of Findlay

May 29 - June 4

  • Migrated all Cataloging documents
  • Adjusted the view for /members
  • Adjusted the line-spacing for paragraphs
  • Adjusted the color and behavior of tabs and boxes
  • Added logo, summary, links for PCJ
  • Added logo, summary, for CCAD
  • Added logo, summary, for Antioch University - Midwest
  • Added logo, summary, links for Mount Carmel
  • Added logo, summary, links for Heidelberg

May 22-28

  • Cataloging Standards & Procedures Manual in progress
  • Added logo, summary, and links for Tiffin University
  • Added logo and summary for Mount Union
  • Removed Catalog from the landing page

May 1-7

  • Uploaded 04/05/16 agenda
  • Migrated some "Cataloging" content from wiki
  • Developed reusable blocks
    • mailing lists
    • new staff checklists
    • how to submit meeting documents
    • additional blocks will be needed
  • Revised COI/TF template
  • Created subjects for Circulation, Cataloging, User Services, RDA
    • additional subjects will be needed

April 24-30

March 20-26

  • Created first mockup for /staff

March 13-19

  • Calendar filter added
  • Calendar sections (meetings, training, events) added
  • Discussion board test created on WR COI
  • Mercy, Wilmington, and Defiance profiles added
  • Subjects (COI, Task Force, Council) created for logic purposes
  • Active COI guides created (ie Website Revision, LibGuides, EResources, etc.)

March 6-12

  • Website Revision COI met
  • LibGuides 2.0 public facing review

To Do

  • Add photos to carousel
  • Serials Item Volume Standards
  • Remove Email Lists
  • Edit Search Results screen
  • Replace "Staff" with "Members" where appropriate
  • Revise Weeding Helper instructions
  • Possibly add subjects to all loaded documents
  • Add archive of USC screencasts?