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Cataloging COI

Community of Interest

Cataloging Community of Interest Guidelines

Amended by OPAL Directors’ Council, March 6, 2012. 
Revised April 20, 2016

Article I: Name

The group will be known as the Cataloging Community of Interest (COI).

Article II: Object

The Cataloging COI establishes and maintains standards, policies, and procedures that ensure high quality bibliographic records in the OPAL online catalog. The Cataloging COI recommends policies for record selections, input, and deletion, in accord with OhioLINK directives, and plans and implements modifications to catalog records in response to changes in accepted cataloging practices and system enhancements. Policies and procedures are developed in consultation with the OhioNet Director of Technology Services and are published and maintained in an online cataloging manual. The COI also serves as an advisory body to the Directors' Council, works in collaboration with other OPAL groups with shared interests, and regularly disseminates its work through OPAL communication channels.

Article III: Members

Any librarian or staff member from an OPAL member library may attend and participate in the activities of any OPAL Community of Interest (COI). Any OPAL member attending, either in person or virtually, can make a motion and vote.

Article IV: Voting

A participant may vote in person, by email, or by teleconference (video or telephone).

Article V: Officers

Officers and Duties: The officers of the COI are the Coordinator and Scribe. The Coordinator will be responsible for leading COI meetings and corresponding with the Liaison to the Executive Committee. The Scribe will be responsible for taking meeting minutes.

Elections: An election will be held for Chair and Secretary at the last meeting of the COI prior to the OPAL annual conference. Those elected will take office on the day of the conference.

Article VI: Meetings

Frequency: the COI shall generally meet at least once per year.

Article VII: Minutes

Minutes shall be sent to the COI Liaison and posted to the OPAL website in accordance with OPAL guidelines.

Article VIII: Rules of Order

Meetings will be governed by OPAL policies provided by the OPAL Directors' Council.

Article IX: Amendment of Guidelines

These guidelines may be amended at any regular meeting of the Cataloging COI.


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