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Cataloging COI

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Cataloging COI Updates - Fall 2022

Summary of the latest updates, best practice suggestions and decisions from the Cataloging COI meetings and discussions:Cataloging COI Updates

  • Ongoing records maintenance - OhioNet will continue to reach out to specific institutions and assist with complex or unresolved errors. If you have any questions about the monthly reports please email We can clarify what's going on and you might help head off a bigger problem. 

  • Accepted practice for resolving issues on the Duplicate OCLC Report has been for the first cataloger who reviews the records to select the best one and transfer everyone's records to the selected bib. If OCLC merged two records incorrectly, you need to send an error report to OCLC. Unfortunately, the functionality for institutions to transfer others' records is broken again. OhioNet is addressing this with Innovative and in the meantime we will stop sending the error report out to the list.

  • OhioLINK notified us that 9,000 records have been contributed incorrectly, largely due to suppression code problems where there are bibliographic records with no attachments (many are Gov docs). OhioNet is sifting through these and will suppress affected records and then work with individual libraries on proper coding. Please remind colleagues how suppression works and potential issues that can arise. Some areas to watch:

    • When withdrawing your copy of a title ensure bib is suppressed with same code if no other items attached. Review other remaining records such as orders and view public display to determine appropriate suppression (or not)

    • Best practice not to suppress reserve items.

    • For acquisitions, when attaching to an existing bib, the suppression value of the bib and item records needs to match.

  • Because of the informal nature of the COI's we need a mechanism for cataloging-related advisory guidance and decisions to ensure everyone's voice is heard as issues arise. The group has determined they will meet at least once per year and the currently serving coordinator will call "as needed" advisory meetings at the request of OhioNet (due to OhioLINK changes, OPAL DC/EC inquires etc.) or individual members.

  • Next meeting Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 10 am  - Virtual.

The full meeting minutes can be found under the Meeting Documents tab.

Statement of Purpose

The Cataloging COI establishes and maintains standards, policies, and procedures that ensure high quality bibliographic records in the OPAL online catalog. The Cataloging COI recommends policies for record selections, input, and deletion, in accord with OhioLINK directives, and plans and implements modifications to catalog records in response to changes in accepted cataloging practices and system enhancements.

Policies and procedures are developed in consultation with the OhioNet Director of Technology Services and are published and maintained in an online cataloging manual. The COI also serves as an advisory body to the Directors’ Council, works in collaboration with other OPAL groups with shared interests, and regularly disseminates its work through OPAL communication channels.