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Circulation COI

Community of Interest

Circulation COI Updates - Spring 2024

Summary of the latest updates, best practice suggestions and decisions from the Circulation COI meetings and discussions:Circulation COI Updates

  • We discussed the status of the ILS migration to Alma briefly and circulation-related tasks that can be done to prepare for the next phase. Adam Green shared training resources.

  • Noreen Mulcahy (Mount Carmel) will be presenting "Tending Your Print Garden: Weeding in the Digital Age" at the upcoming Ohio Health Sciences Library Association spring meeting on April 26, 2024. The meeting is open to all and will be held virtually. Attendance is free, but requires registration.

  • Libraries continue with weeding and inventory projects. What do they do with the books? Send to Better World Books,, Internet Archive, US Modernist (architecture and design journals) or used bookstores, recycle, library friends or campus sales, leave out for anyone to take, book folding maker events.

  • Summer employment project ideas for students: weeding and shifting items, cleaning & dusting, inventory game pieces for board games, scanning and archives projects, search for missing/withdrawn books. Success in matching to student interests such as social media, UX, video, graphic design. One library is having students inventory their website and LibGuides for Sierra screenshots so that they can update documentation with Alma-specific information when the time comes.

  • Engagement: Therapy dogs continue to be popular along with making events and food. Where staffing and budgets are tight whiteboards and online voting games sustain connection. Otterbein gives out stickers for Whiteboard Wednesdays with high value service-related questions. Students will also often leave positive messages and affirmations.

  • Next meeting: October 9, 2024 at 10:30am - Virtual with an option to attend via regional meetups. Becky Gale will send out information.

The full meeting minutes can be found under the Meeting Documents tab.

Statement of Purpose

The OPAL Circulation COI is comprised of individuals who perform circulation related duties in their libraries within the consortium. Its mission is to create circulation related policies that are beneficial to both circulation staff and library users, to provide a valuable resource pool for system related questions and best practices, and to serve as a forum for networking within the consortium. This mission is achieved through regular meetings with open discussions of pertinent and relevant topics, with guidance from the OPAL staff members and the OPAL Directors’ Council.


Other Materials

Training Odyssey
Virtual Record Cleanup Odyssey Training (J. Thomas, Fall 2006)
OPAL Cleanup Instructions (In Transit & Returned Too Long) Odyssey FAQ
System Set-Up Checklist (OhioLINK) Odyssey Protocol Technical Help Document
Pickup-Anywhere Cheat Sheet
Institutional Codes
Replacement Policies by Institution
PCIRC Contact List (and many other PCIRC details)
Word Template for Removable Labels for OhioLINK PCIRC

Shipping Labels - OhioLINK & SearchOhio
Shipping Labels - Non-SearchOhio public libraries

Using Magic Barcode (for requesting specific items through OhioLINK catalog on behalf of a patron)
Enter daily bag statistics into the manifest system
Report problems with courier delivery service
Courier FAQ
Please email with any questions or concerns.
Tips for cleaning black toner transfer from the delivery label windows on canvas bags: 
Libraries recommend turpentine transferred to a folded paper towel (wear gloves).

Circulation COI Coordinator

Laura D/Amato
Baldwin Wallace University
(440) 826-3597

Adam Green (JCU)


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