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Circulation COI

Community of Interest

OPAL Circulation Community of Interest Guidelines

Amended by OPAL Directors’ Council, March 6, 2012. 
Revised April 22, 2016

Mission Statement

The OPAL Circulation Community of Interest (COI) is primarily comprised of individuals who perform circulation related duties in their libraries within the consortium. Its mission is to recommend circulation related policies that are beneficial to both circulation staff and library users, to provide a valuable resource pool for system related questions and best practices, and to serve as a forum for networking within the consortium. This mission is achieved through regular meetings with open discussions of pertinent and relevant topics, with guidance from the OPAL staff members and the OPAL Directors’ Council. 

Article I: Objective

The Circulation COI is responsible for developing, recommending, and implementing OPAL policies and procedures for areas of circulation where uniformity of practice is required or desired, in accordance with OPAL guidelines and in consultation with the OHIONET Director of Technology Services. The COI uses OPAL communication channels to disseminate updates in a timely manner, in accord with OhioLINK directives. The COI serves as an advisory body to the Directors’ Council and works in collaboration with other OPAL groups with shared interests. 

Article II: Members

Any librarian or staff member from an OPAL member library may attend and participate in the activities of any OPAL COI. Any OPAL member attending, either in person or virtually, can make a motion and vote. 

Article III: Decision Making

Decisions will be made by group consensus. In the event that consensus cannot be reached, majority voting of participants present either in person or virtually may be implemented.

Article IV: Leadership

Leadership is comprised of a meeting coordinator and a scribe. Leadership for the following meeting will be identified, on a voluntary basis, at the close of each meeting. The meeting coordinator will be responsible for compiling the agenda and leading the COI meetings. The scribe will be responsible for taking notes and corresponding with the Liaison to the Executive Committee. If either the meeting coordinator or the scribe is unable to fulfill these responsibilities, he or she is responsible for finding a replacement. 

Article IV: Meetings

Meetings will be held two times per year, in the fall and spring. Participants may attend either in person or virtually.

Article V: Amendment of Guidelines

These guidelines may be amended at any regular meeting of the COI.