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Digitization COI

Community of Interest

Statement of Purpose

The OPAL Digitization COI was formed to create a community to discuss issues related to digitization among OPAL member libraries. Participants can ask others for advice, or bounce ideas off someone else working on similar projects.  Because OPAL libraries are at widely differing stages in the digitization process, communication has thus far been via the opaldig email list, instead of face to face.

Despite significant progress in creating awareness of the need for and benefits of digitizing library archival and special collections and other unique materials, many libraries still struggle with finding resources to bring these projects to fruition. Some lack the financial resources; others lack basic knowledge and planning guidance even to know where to start.

The primary responsibility for the Digitization Interest Group is to be a forum for sharing information and best practices and identify additional training opportunities. In addition, the Digitization Interest Group advocates for additional unique equipment or services that would benefit OPAL members related to digitization. 

Digitization training and support needs are driven by members of the Digitization Interest Group. The interest group organizes training for participants on digitization-related topics, including digitization of large format materials using consortium-owned equipment, metadata creation, and legal, copyright, and preservation related issues.