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Digitization COI

Community of Interest




  • Dublin Core Metadata Element Set - “a vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource description.”
  • Premis: Preservation Metadata - “The PREMIS Data Dictionary defines 'preservation metadata' as the information a repository uses to support the digital preservation process. Specifically, the group looked at metadata supporting the functions of maintaining viability, renderability, understandability, authenticity, and identity in a preservation context.”
  • VRA Core - “Data standard for the description of works of visual culture as well as the images that document them.”

Sample Application Profiles & Guidelines


Lists & Blogs

  • metadataLibrarians listserv - This listserv is intended for Metadata Librarians, Digital Librarians, Metadata Architects, Information Architects, and other professionals working in cultural heritage institutions and the information sciences.“
  • DC-General list - “General DCMI discussion list”. “The broadest of mailing lists related to the international Dublin Core effort. Unlike other lists, which relate to the tasks of specific working groups or special interest areas, this list is for discussion of all issues relevant to the development, deployment, and use of Dublin Core metadata.”
  • Metadata Blog - “The Metadata Blog is the official blog of the Metadata Interest Group (MIG), an interest group of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services division of the American Library Association.”