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  • Columbia Copyright Blog - Occasional posts about copyright, libraries, and higher ed.
  • Copyright Librarian - News and discussion focusing on copyright law, scholarship, communication and higher education issues.“ Written by Nancy Sims, Copyright Program Librarian at the University of Minnesota Libraries.
  • LibraryLaw Blog - Issues concerning libraries and the law – with latitude to discuss any other interesting issues. Note: Not legal advice – just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information.” Written by Mary Minow and Peter Hirtle.
  • Scholarly Communications @ Duke - Blog by Kevin Smith, former library director at Defiance, focused on copyright and publication issues.




  • ALA Copyright - Information maintained by ALA.
  • Columbia Copyright Advisory Office - “The Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University has a central mission to address, in a creative and constructive manner, the relationship between copyright law and the work of the university in order to best promote research, teaching, library services, and community involvement. ”
  • Copyright for Librarians - “The Berkman Center partnered with eIFL to deliver a distance learning program on copyright for librarians. The resulting curriculum, made available on March 24, 2010, can be used for distance learning, self-directed learning, or in-classroom instruction.”
  • Stanford Copyright & Fair Use - “Emphasis is on copyright issues especially relevant to the education and library community, including examples of fair use and policies. Useful copyright charts and tools are continually added to help users evaluate copyright status and best practices.”