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Members Guide

Onboarding for newcomers and reference for everyone!

Mailing Lists

Effective communication is the key to any successful enterprise. OPAL members strive to serve our communities by working together to provide the best content and services through financially responsible collaboration and innovation. By subscribing to a mailing list, you will be in contact with other OPAL members with similar job duties and interests.

Available Lists

List Description List Name Send Email To Manage
General Announcements and Info oshare Subscribe
Cataloging opalcat Subscribe
Circulation opalcirc Subscribe
Digitization opaldig Subscribe
Directors * opaldir Subscribe
Exchange (Weeds/Discards) opalexchange Subscribe
Government Documents opalgov Subscribe
Slack Workspace Send email to OPALhelp for invite Workspace

* This is a closed list. Directors can submit a request to to be added.



Registered list members can send an email directly to the list, indicated in the table on the left.

For example, you can email to send a message to all of OPAL. By default, all replies to a message go back out to the list. 

Leaving a List

If you need to remove yourself or another staff member from a mailing list, please contact