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Cataloging Manual

Attachments to Bibliographic Records

Item Records

  1. Multivolume item records may be created to indicate ownership of material. Local call numbers, holdings statements, and location information may be entered into the call number or volume fields.
  2. Use of delimiters in the call number field is not required. Each institution may set its own policy.
  3. When the item record limit per bib record is reached (5,000), the library needing to attach additional item records should create a duplicate bib record using the copy record function That library should transfer its item records to the newly created bib so that all item records of one institution are on the same bib if possible.

See also: Serials Item Volume Standards

Checkin Records

In addition to using checkin records for serials, checkin records can be created for monographic bibliographic records for current standing order titles. These checkin records are for staff use only and should be suppressed from OPAL and OhioLINK display. When the set is completed or cancelled, the checkin record should be deleted.