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Cataloging Manual

Maintaining Serials Holdings:

OPAL members are responsible for updating their local holdings information with OCLC.

Monthly Serials Data Sync with OCLC

Antioch College, Bluffton, Heidelberg, Mount Union, Muskingum, Otterbein, and Walsh participate in a monthly data sync update with OCLC to manage their holdings information.

The maintenance process includes deleting serials checkin records (these may include microfilm/fiche).  :

  1. You mark a record for deletion by changing the SCODE2 to s (suppress) and the SCODE4 to "w" one month.
  2. We send your records to OCLC the first of the next month.
  3. OCLC processes the file.
  4. You receive the report back from OCLC.
  5. You review and delete any records marked "w" in the spreadsheet SCODE4 column from Sierra.

It is important to remember to wait until you receive the report/spreadsheet back from OCLC, and then review and follow through by deleting any checkin records from Sierra that you marked for deletion the previous month.

Manual Maintenance:

For institutions who manually set holdings with OCLC, remember to update your information there when weeding items from the shared catalog. If you have a list of OCLC numbers it's possible to batch remove holdings and LHRs using Connexion Client or WorldShare Record Manager.  



The OCLC to DOCLINE, and DOCLINE to OCLC batch transfers of holdings ceased when SULOP was retired and DOCLINE moved to its new web platform. 

NLM is considering how to add a form of batch upload of holdings to DOCLINE and to begin that development, but any exchange with OCLC will have to come at a future point, once NLM has completed implementation/migration to a new cloud-based integrated library system (ILS), and moves to multiple record serials cataloging within RDA/Bibframe.