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Cataloging Manual

Appendix H:

Configuring OCLC Software to Export to OPAL

Connexion Client

  1. Select Tools from the menu bar and then Options from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Export tab.
  3. Click Create in the Select an Export Destination section.
  4. Select OCLC Gateway Export and click OK.
  5. Enter in the Host Name box.
  6. Enter 5500 in the Port box.
  7. Enter 10 in the Timeout box.
  8. Enter 0 in the Retries box.
  9. Enter 90 in the Delay box.
  10. Click OK
  11. Click OK to accept the default Export Destination name.
  12. Click Close

Record Manager

  1. Go into User Preferences (on left side of the screen).
  2. Expand the Exporting – Bibliographic Records accordion.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Set the Format option to MARC 21 with UTF-8 Unicode
  5. Click the International tab
  6. Set the Non-Latin Content Exported to All data with other scripts in 880 fields
  7. Click the TCP/IP tab
  8. Enter the following settings:
    • Host Name:
    • Port Number:  5500
    • Authentication:  None
    • Wait Time (in minutes):  1.5
    • Maximum Number (of Connection Attempts):  0
    • Gateway Export Response Messaging:  check the Use Messaging box
    • Messaging Timeout (in seconds): 10
  9. Click the Save button