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Cataloging Manual

How are cataloging records shared in OPAL's shared-catalog?

  • All members attach items records to the same OCLC bibliographic record (No duplicate bibs are allowed)
  • Each member creates and maintains their own item, order, check-in records, etc. 
  • Before overlaying and existing bib record, be sure you not overwriting local enhancements by another member library

Which cataloging standards and practices are followed by OPAL?

  • We follow national and international cataloging standards and established agreed upon OPAL practices
  • OPAL agreed upon cataloging standards override local practices
  • Common formats which are not cataloged in OPAL:
    • websites
    • ebook collections
    • electronic journals

(For a complete list and details on formats not cataloged in OPAL see Electronic Resource Cataloging)

Where can I find additional help, training or ask questions?