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Circulation Manual

The official circulation manual for OPAL

New Book Options

New Book Status

Setting the status of an item to code "e - New Book Shelf" is generally used for new items temporarily featured on a new book shelf where there is no separate location code for new books. Because this is a locally defined status, it also restricts availability to local (owning institution or OPAL) check-out only. While the item can be requested within the OPAL catalog (as long as the item is also assigned an I TYPE such as 12) the item is not requestable for OhioLINK. In the OhioLINK central catalog it will show up as "local circ only." 

When you set an item status to “new book shelf” during check out you will be prompted with two messages:

  • Item status is new book shelf. Clear it?
  • Check out item anyway?

It's also possible to just select "check-in" to clear an item status when moving it from a display or new books shelf to another area.

Something to consider: An item with a "new book shelf" status but a main stacks location code can lead to confusion - patrons don't know where to find it and it can easily get mis-shelved in the wrong area after the first check-out. This is one reason a new books location code is created and used instead.

OhioLINK Online Borrowing: Central Site Status Codes