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Circulation Manual

The official circulation manual for OPAL

Circulation Statistics

Logging In

Checkout Statistics

Click the following boxes to get a report of checkout statistics for the past month from your library by PTYPE:

  • Checkout
  • Last mo.
  • One only

There are many options for this report as to date, location, and type.

Click Submit at the bottom of the selection; use the scroll slide to get to the bottom of the page. Use the drop-down-menu to select your library and click Submit. When the table displays, the statistics can be used from the web or the information can be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet to manipulate the data.

To clear these statistics and exit or run another set, click on Remove Existing Tables and click Submit.

Other Statistical Reports Available

All Activity

The All Activity reports display information about each kind of circulation transaction handled by the system. This report shows the number of check-outs, check-ins, renewals, holds placed, recalls, and items circulated (a total of check-outs and renewals [Renewals are within the OPAL Consortium not all of OhioLINK). It also calculates the percent of total transactions performed.


The Filled report shows a detailed analysis of filled hold activity. A hold is “filled” when an item requested by a patron is checked out to the patron. Renewal (Note these figures will not include information on renewals from OhioLINK patrons)


The Renewal statistics are only for OPAL Libraries. Renewals from OhioLINK institutions outside OPAL are not included.


The Inhouse report shows the activity of items used in the library. The report allows you to keep three separate statistics for each item. Your library decides how to use each statistic.


The Hourly Circulation report displays the number of items checked out during a specific month, and are grouped by statistics group. You can view this data as items checked out per hour or the number of patrons who have checked out items each hour.