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Circulation Manual

The official circulation manual for OPAL

Entering Priority Dispatch Statistics Online

Find online instructions for OhioLINK Bag Statistics - Online Manifest System online. The service is currently through Priority Dispatch.

1. Go to the OhioLINK Manifest website to login. Enter your library institution code and password.

2. On the next screen, check institution name and the date for accuracy. This is the date for which you will be entering statistics.

3. Enter the Institution Code and number of bags for each institution where bags are directed. When all codes and bags are entered, click Go Review Your Entries. If you realize that you have additional stats to add for that date, or any other date, click on the Back to Data Entry button. This will take you back to the date page. Edit the date accordingly if needed and proceed. 

If you have no more data to enter, click on the Logout button. Past entries that have been submitted can be checked by going to: