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Circulation Manual

The official circulation manual for OPAL


Automatic Recalls

Sierra will automatically issue a recall for an item when someone places a hold and the item is eligible for recall (as specified by the loan rule). It will not alert the person placing the hold.

Manual Recalls

OPAL and OhioLINK policy allows manual recalls only if the item is needed for use on Reserve.

Only items checked out to OPAL patrons can be recalled in the system. If the item is checked out to an OhioLINK patron, notify the PCIRC contact person at the patron's home library.

To Manually Recall an OPAL Item

First place a hold on the item:

  • Choose the Search / Holds function in Sierra.
  • Choose an index to search by: t TITLE, b BARCODE, etc.
  • Select the correct item for which you wish to place a hold.
  • In the Summary view, be sure h Hold is your current view.
  • Click the Hold Selected Item button. A new window will open.


  • In the drop-down list, choose b PATRON BARCODE. Type a barcode.
  • Note: Some institutions have a mock 'name' to perform holds for recalls; see appropriate staff for this name and/or barcode.
  • Click Search
  • A prompt window will open; choose Place Hold.
  • A Place an Item-level Hold window will appear.


  • Select the correct institution as the pickup location and the desired dates needed by.
  • Write For Reserve in the Hold Note field.
  • Click OK. A hold will now show in the Holds column.
  • Close the window.


Next run a Recall Notice:

  • Choose the Notices function in Sierra.
  • Click on the New icon..
  • Change the Notice Type to Recall
  • Set the Locations Served for your location.
  • Click on Prepare.
  • Select the appropriate printer.

Once the notices are prepared, click on the Send Notices button and once they have successfully printed, you may clear the notices. If they did print properly, do not clear the notices; you can repeat the process to reproduce the items.