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Circulation Manual

The official circulation manual for OPAL


A Pictorial Operational Guideline for OhioLINK borrowing is available online. Note that this is an OhioLINK guide so there is no mention of handling specific OPAL paging slips.


Band the book item with a paper band or an adhesive label.

PCIRC Bookband Master Copy (PDF)
Pickup Anywhere Bookband Master Copy (PDF)
Template for Removable Labels (DOC)

Do not cover the barcode with the band.

Include the paging slip:
- Fold the paging slip in half horizontally, with writing on the outside.
- Put the entire paging slip in the book.
- Place the slip in an appropriately sized bubble envelope (there are four sizes to choose from).

More than one book can be placed in a bubble envelope but ONLY cover to cover and NEVER spine to spine.

Do not over pack the bubble envelope by trying stuff more books than is reasonable for one envelope.
Do not staple or tape the bubble envelope shut.
Do not put a label on the bubble envelope.

Bubble envelopes can be reused, until they are worn out.

Media or Microform

Band the media or microform item using the special 'post-it note' size bands. These can be obtained from OhioLINK.

Do not stamp a due date on the band as that space is used for the patron's due date at the patron's library.
Do not cover the barcode with the band.

Include the paging slip with the material: - Fold the paging slip to fit in the material, with writing on the outside. - Put the entire paging slip inside the media or microform packing box.

Place it in the appropriate sized box (there are three sizes to choose from).
Use foam inserts when needed to keep the item from shifting in the box.

Do not tape box shut.
Do not put post-it note bands on the outside of the boxes. Use a regular book band instead.

If the item does not fit into any of the provided boxes, provide a shipping box that will fit.


Put bubble envelopes and boxes in a canvas bag (there are two sizes to choose from).

Do not overstuff the bag.

The bag should be able to be shut tightly at the top.
All items that go into a single canvas bag should all go to the same place.
Match the Priority Dispatch label to the correct delivery location.
Ideally labels should be filed by number rather than school name to prevent misdirected books.

For additional labels, access the Do-It-Yourself Priority Dispatch Labels website.